Sirens of Scream

Sirens of Scream

Three lady geeks explore the dark side of comics, games, film and tv. The spooky and sinister, the gory and gross; nothing is off limits.

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    Episode 64: Cauldron-Side Chat

    Join us around the fire, and listen to the sounds of our bubbly cauldron and the tales from our journeys! We have some horror news, recommendations, and anecdotes to share.

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    Episode 63: Spookiness of Yore

    When's the last time you've seen static on a television? Or a landline? Or have you ever had to use a candle as your main source of light? In this episode, we'll talk about those tropes you see in horror that us modern folks just don't have to worry about.

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    Episode 62: Rob Sheridan / HIGH LEVEL

    Rob Sheridan, a veritable warlock of various types of art, is about to take on the comic world with his upcoming release, HIGH LEVEL. We got a chance to talk to Rob about the world he's building, which he describes as a POST-post-apocalyptic punk sci-fi adventure set hundreds of years after the collapse of the American empire.

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    Episode 61: M. Night Shyamalan

    Good, bad, or just plain odd, there's no denying that M. Night Shyamalan has left his mark on pop culture in general, and horror specifically. The time has come that we discuss this intrepid writer and director, his works, and their very mixed reviews.

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    Episode 60: Horrorwatch 2019!

    SO many rad things are coming out in 2019! And we're here to tell you about every. last. one of them!

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    Episode 58: Cauldron-Side Chat #3

    WE RETURN!! After a month-long break, the Sirens have plenty of news and stories to share, as well as some curious holiday creatures!

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    Episode 57: The Halloween Franchise

    Happy Halloween, little monsters! For this very special day we're bringing you a little history lesson on the Halloween movie franchise, with guest Ryan Megan, one of our editors and a horror geek extraordinaire. We've got tons of recs for you to wrap up your October with too!

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