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Three lady geeks explore the dark side of comics, games, film and tv. The spooky and sinister, the gory and gross; nothing is off limits.

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    Episode 73: Weird Internet Finds

    We have quite a few creepy things to tell you about, and you can find them all right here on the interwebs!

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    Episode 72: The Origins of Halloween

    Have you ever wondered about the origins of the spooky holiday we love so much? In this ep, we'll tell you all about it!

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    Episode 71: Shawna Gore & Horror with Heart

    Recently, our friend, Shawna Gore, sat in on the NYCC panel 'Making Friends With the Monster: Horror With Heart." Now she's here to tell us all about it!

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    Episode 69: Spooky Tales

    Hide under the covers for this one - we have some spooky stories to tell!

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    Episode 68: 31 Days of Horror IV

    October is upon us, and that means the 31 Days of Horror! Follow along for a new, creepy adventure for every night of October!

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    Episode 67: Cauldron-Side Chat + Monster Mania

    The monsters are out and about, the creepy clowns are in full swing, and the smell of pumpkin is in the air. It's autumn, and we have so much horror to talk about!

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    Episode 64: Cauldron-Side Chat

    Join us around the fire, and listen to the sounds of our bubbly cauldron and the tales from our journeys! We have some horror news, recommendations, and anecdotes to share.

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    Episode 63: Spookiness of Yore

    When's the last time you've seen static on a television? Or a landline? Or have you ever had to use a candle as your main source of light? In this episode, we'll talk about those tropes you see in horror that us modern folks just don't have to worry about.

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    Episode 62: Rob Sheridan / HIGH LEVEL

    Rob Sheridan, a veritable warlock of various types of art, is about to take on the comic world with his upcoming release, HIGH LEVEL. We got a chance to talk to Rob about the world he's building, which he describes as a POST-post-apocalyptic punk sci-fi adventure set hundreds of years after the collapse of the American empire.

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    Episode 61: M. Night Shyamalan

    Good, bad, or just plain odd, there's no denying that M. Night Shyamalan has left his mark on pop culture in general, and horror specifically. The time has come that we discuss this intrepid writer and director, his works, and their very mixed reviews.

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    Episode 60: Horrorwatch 2019!

    SO many rad things are coming out in 2019! And we're here to tell you about every. last. one of them!

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    Episode 58: Cauldron-Side Chat #3

    WE RETURN!! After a month-long break, the Sirens have plenty of news and stories to share, as well as some curious holiday creatures!

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    Episode 57: The Halloween Franchise

    Happy Halloween, little monsters! For this very special day we're bringing you a little history lesson on the Halloween movie franchise, with guest Ryan Megan, one of our editors and a horror geek extraordinaire. We've got tons of recs for you to wrap up your October with too!

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    Episode 56: Horror Happenings!

    There are tons (so many!) awesome horror goodies coming, so many that we felt it was time for an episode dedicated to it all. Melissa brought some spooky crafts to share from NYCC, there are new shows, movies and books, and so much more to talk about. Let's get down to horror business!

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    Episode 55: 31 Days of Horror 3 - Revenge of the Genre

    It's time, once more, for our favorite yearly tradition - THE 31 DAYS OF HORROR! This is where we absolutely let loose with our favorite recommendations to keep you on the edge of your seat all through the month of October! Pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair, and dim the lights. It's time to feel that chill in the air.

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    Episode 54: H.P. Lovecraft, Part 2

    Part 2 of our super HP Lovecraft bonanza episode, featuring special guest Bob Reyer, of the Talking Comics podcast.

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    Episode 53: H.P. Lovecraft, Part 1

    We’re now over 2 years in to this show and it’s come to our attention that we’ve not covered one of the most influential writers in horror history, someone who has spurred the imagination of countless filmmakers, artists and even musicians, the creator of Cthulhu, H.P. Lovecraft. We've not only remedied this, but we brought in our friend Bob Reyer, of the Talking Comics podcast, to guide us down the dark depths. Here is part 1 of a 2 part, tentacled giant of a show!

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    Episode 52: The Little Stranger

    With the help of our favorite historian, June Gregory, we explore the atmospheric, gothic, lgbt-friendly, and historically accurate world of Sarah Waters and the upcoming adaptation of her novel, The Little Stranger.

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    Episode 51: Cauldron-Side Chat #2

    Just catching up , brewing spells and sharing some spooks this week. The summer has been a crazy one for us all, so sit back and relax around the cauldron with us. 

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    Episode 50: Cursed Movies

    Sometimes life imitates art, but what about when that art is a movie about demonic possession? We are revealing some of the most cursed movie productions in history in this episode, so get ready for lots of accidental death, some very unfortunate coincidence and a little bad luck. 

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    Episode 49: Cauldron-Side Chat with the Sirens

    Pull up a toadstool and chat with us. In this episode, we're spending some time chatting about what's going on in the world of horror, what creepy things we're loving right now, and what we're excited to see down the line.

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    Episode 48: Mind Control

    We're trying out a new feature this week with some news, plus our usual recommendations and then we're going to dig around the popular horror trope of brainwashing. There's lots of it to think about, from fictional movie plots to modern day "gurus". Oh, and happy pride to all our queer horror friends! 

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    Episode 47: Two Years of Spooky Time Slumber Party

    It's the Sirens of Scream Two Year Anniversary and we are super duper, crazy thankful, thrilled and delighted that we've been able to keep this show going for you all. It's a labor of love for all of us, that we somehow manage to squeeze in between day jobs, family commitments and probably too much drinking. So, we decided to celebrate, we'll just have a good ole' online slumber party, and you're invited! Fair warning: this episode also probably contains too much drinking and too much giggling. Thanks for sticking with us!

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    Episode 46: Lily Anderson

    We've had so, so many amazing guests lately and we are seriously feeling the love from all our horror geek friends out in the world! This week, we bring you the badass author of Undead Girl Gang, Lily Anderson. We had a blast with her, and we hope you'll enjoy it just as much. Also, lots of new recs for you, of course!

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    Episode 45: Liz Sower and Ghosts in the Burbs

    In this episode, we're joined by the amazing writer and storyteller, Liz Sower, who currently writes and hosts Ghosts in the Burbs! Join us and Liz for a chat about scary things, adjusting to new surroundings, and what draws us to the darker side of life.

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    Episode 44: Shawna Gore

    We've got long time comics editor Shawna Gore on this show this week to chat with us about her horror comics projects, working with Bernie Wrightson, her new position as editor for Lion Forge Comics and lots more. We've also got a new list of goodies for you to check out!

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    Episode 43: Hometown Myths and Legends

    Whispers between friends, stories told over campfires, recent rumors, and long-told legends. Whatever the case may be, every corner of the world has its own local legends. In this episode, we're digging in with some stories we just can't forget.

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    Episode 42: Cullen Bunn

    Boy have we got a great show for you this time! NYT Bestseller Cullen Bunn joins us to talk about his long history of horror in comics and short stories, share a few amazing personal tales of weirdness and dive in to some of his most notable creepy characters. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did! 

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    Episode 41: The Cloverfield Films

    The surprise release of The Cloverfield Paradox seemed to make enough of a stir in horror fans that we thought it deserved an episode discussion. So, we'll talk about the latest film, along with the previous 2, and the various theories and fan feelings about how they align the universe (or not). We invited our editor and friend Drew on the show with us this time. Also, new recommendations for you!

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    Episode 39: Horrorwatch 2018

    Ok, so 2018 is here, whether we're ready for it or not, and we have no choice but to plow forward. But don't worry, we've got ALL the goods to keep you terrified of stuff that's not happening in real life! Right here! We want to tell you all about the episodes we're excited for coming up, and share some new recommendations as well. 

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    Episode 38: Stephen King

    The Stephen King episode we promised is finally here, featuring special guest filmmaker Jacob Strunk! As usual we also bring you a bundle of new recommendations to enjoy. 

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    Episode 37: Channel Zero Season 2

    We've all been enjoying season two of Channel Zero, No End House and wanted to share it with you. Our preparation for this show took us down a creepy rabbit hole of internet horror tales and urban legends, so this episode covers all of those things! Enjoy and please remember to share us, review us and talk to us! 

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    Double Tap! Creepypasta Storytime with Sierra

    While the Sirens are off stringing Christmas lights on kelp trees, singing carols to wayward sailors, and baking gingerbread men (the secret ingredient is men), Sierra shares some Creepypasta stories to tide us over until our next episode.

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    Episode 36: Stranger Things Season 2 & 80's Nostalgia

    Stranger Things season 2 is now available on Netflix, and we couldn't wait another week to talk about it. It also got us thinking about 80's nostalgia and why it doesn't seem to be going away. We're also joined by special guest Steve Seigh (Talking Comics, JoBlo ) , as well as a whole new list of recommendations.

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    Episode 35: Scary Stories - A Reading

    Do you love hearing scary stories? So do we.

    Sit back and relax, dear listeners. Today we're going to tell you a tale (or several).

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    Episode 34: American Vampire

    We're halfway through October and loving every day of it, so what better time to talk about one of the best vampire stories ever to hit the comic book shelves? In this episode, we examine American Vampire Volumes 1 and 2, by Scott Snyder and Raphael Albuquerque, with stories by Stephen King in Volume 1. Just try to keep up. 

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    31 Days of Horror, 2017 Edition!

    This is the episode you've all been waiting for! It's definitely one of our favorites to create for you, because we not only get to jump start the Halloween season with tons of horror films, but we get just have some fun talking why we love them all. We've come up with a whole new list, no repeats from last year, and we can't wait to hear what you think of them! 

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    A History of Creepy Clowns

    We've all been talking about IT and our traumatizing childhood experiences with clowns, right? Do you remember our friend June Gregory who taught us about the history of horror tropes? Well, we're combining these things together and bringing back June, this time with a lesson on the history of creepy clowns!  And of course we've also got a bundle of new recommendations for you, plus some extra links if you'd like to read more after the show about clowns. 

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    Talking Podcasting With "This Podcast is Haunted"

    We met some hilarious, smart, awesome new friends who also happen to be hosts of another horror podcast, called This Podcast is Haunted. We decided to get them on the show to talk about the silliness, frustration, bad jokes and late nights that make up the podcasting life. And, we've all brought you some new recommendations to enjoy!

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    We are all familiar with various classic fairy tales and fables that we began to hear as children: Snow White, Cinderella, The Pied Piper, etc. Many of these stories have been revived in the form of colorful and family friendly Disney films now, but most of these stories have much more adult themed roots, and this is what we're exploring for this episode. Grab your blanket and some tea and come cuddle up with us for some "scareytales". 

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    Why We Fear Artificial Intelligence

    The Sirens are taking on a pretty huge topic this time with our attempt to cut to the core of why we fear artificial intelligence. We dug in to both real life AI applications (and fears), as well as some our most influential pop culture examples. We've also got a ton of new recommendations for you to check out.

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    Ghost Stories in History with June Gregory

    A lot of modern horror tropes can be traced back to ancient stories. In this episode, friend of the Sirens and lover of horror and history, June Gregory, teaches us all some fascinating historical horror facts!

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    Our Favorite Modern Takes on Classic Movie Monsters

    With the recent release of The Mummy, the first in a series of new Universal monster movies, we felt inspired to talk about some of the best (and maybe a few of the worst) attempts at these characters in modern media. As always, we've also got some new recommendations for you, too!

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    Real Alien Encounters

    Sierra is taking us on a trippy ride through some of the most infamous alien abduction and sighting stories in American history, including one of her own! Jackie and Melissa are sick (again!), but curled up in blankets and bringing a load of new recs for you.

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    Sirens 1 Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

    It's our 1st birthday and we're partying hard by inviting a lineup of previous guests, listeners and friends on to the show with us! There will be tons of recommendations, talk of personal terrors and much reminiscing about our favorite moments of the past year.

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    Sirens Radio 1

    Bringing something new to you today with our first episode of Sirens Radio, where we dig in to the urban legends and history behind songs that have creepy lyrics or roots. We kept this one a bit shorter, but had some fun with it, so please let us know what you think! 

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    Guest: Gabby DaRienzo

    We're so excited to share this episode with you because we got a Sirens girl crush on the show, video game developer and artist Gabby DaRienzo. You've heard us mention her current project, A Mortician's Tale, a few times on the show. We discuss that as well as her other game projects, her podcast Play Dead and share some of our own favorite gaming moments. And as usual, we've got a stack of new recommendations to share!

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    Found Footage

    The Sirens are digging through the found footage to make some judgments on what works and what doesn't in this modern horror niche. As usual, we've also got some new recommendation for you in our What We're Loving Now segment. 

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    Confess Your Fears

    This time, the Sirens are confessing their fears. We'll talk about the things that send us hiding under the covers and read off a few of yours as well. We've also brought a new list of recommendations for you to check out!

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    The Sirens are tackling the comic series Wytches this time, which is a huge one! This book is written by Scott Snyder, art by Jock, colors by Matt Hollingsworth and published by Image Comics. We also have some new recommendations for you! 

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    Horror for Kids

    It's time for us to go back to our earliest childhood memories of horror, examining and sharing the films or stories that began our obsessions with the macabre. We want to know why we like to scare the kids, how we scare them and when (if at all) horror for kids steps over a line. Of course, we've also collected more Things We're Loving Now to share as well!

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    Resident Evil

    With the new release of both a Resident Evil game and a film, we thought it was time we get down and dirty with the franchise. We'll talk what makes a "zombie", bioweapons and try to figure how this franchise hasn't been laid to rest yet. And as usual, we've got a new bundle of recommendations for you to check out!

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    Horrorwatch 2017

    Last episode we discussed the history of horror, so this week we're taking a look at the terrifying treasures coming for us all in 2017. (No, we're talking about Trump's cabinet!) This entire show basically consists of recommendations, so I'll be nice and provide a list here of everything we ramble off. Have fun!

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    Horror Then and Now

    The Sirens are taking a stroll through horror history with special guest Bob Reyer, of the Talking Comics podcast, to do some critical comparison of the changes over the years. We all learn a lot and as usual, brings tons of new goodies for you to enjoy between Sirens episodes.

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    Haunted Holiday Folklore

    It's the holiday season and Sierra is settling us down by the fire for some perfectly haunted tales of terror from Christmas folklore around the world. This will be our final episode of 2016, but we'll be back in January 2017! Of course, we've also got some new recommendations to help you fill out your gift wish list, too!

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    Shawn French & Mortimer Glum

    This episode we've brought on two friends of ours who have worked in comics, film, video games and animation. Shawn French and Mortimer Glum created the weird and terrifying comic book series Escape From Jesus Island and are now running a Kickstarter campaign to publish it in TPB. Enjoy our conversation and a new list of recommendations!

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    The Golden Age of TV

    In this episode, we take a long, loving look at the "golden age of television", which we believe is happening right now. We've also got a solid, new list of recommendations for you!

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    Sam Raimi Discussion With The Wytch Files

    Happy Halloween! Have a listen to this episode while you get yourself ready for the best night of the year. The Sirens sat down with our friends Sabrina and Karen of The Wytch Files to discuss everything we love (and laugh at) about Sam Raimi and his long list of cinematic work. This episode also brings you twice the recommendations to keep Halloween going after October ends!

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    Costumes & Halloween Makeup

    The Sirens help you prepare for Halloween with some costume ideas, building tips and tons of online resources for makeup tutorials.

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    31 Days of Horror

    Join us as we detail a fantastic horror movie for every day in October!

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    Kids in Horror

    In this episode, the Sirens question what makes kids in horror so powerful and terrifying? We'll talk about some of our favorites, share What We're Loving Now and get you ready for the start of October madness with some extra special content coming up!

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    Harrow County

    Main topic is comic book series Harrow County, with a special guest and recommendations.

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    Final Girls

    The Sirens go deep in to the classic horror trope of the final girl and all new What We're Loving!

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    Where Sci-Fi and Horror Meet

    The Sirens bring tons of recommendations for you, as they discuss the killer combo of science fiction and horror. Where is the line that separates the genres and how do they make such a perfect pair?

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    Female Villains

    This episode, the Sirens offer some juicy new recommendations for your nerdy pleasure. They also dissect the psyche of some of our favorite female baddies. The good(ish), the bad and the badder!

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    The Preacher

    The Sirens talk about The Preacher, books and tv show, and offer new recommendations.

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    The Sirens introduce themselves, offer recommendations in What We're Loving and talk about individual horror histories.

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